Special care and amenities

If you receive care and support at home, you should also be able to do so on holiday. We are able to arrange additional care during your stay at Broedershoek. (for example, from nursing / daily care, or from specialized care for people with specific conditions such as diabetes or COPD).

Vegro; Our care at home partner is happy to supply you with all your required health equipment.

For the supply of care aids, we work together with Vegro. For example, you can rent a wheelchair, high-low bed, or a patient hoist at your holiday address. We do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The equipment you have requested will be ready for you in your accommodation upon arrival at the park.

You can request the necessary equipment yourself by calling or emailing Vegro:

Call telephone number 0900-2887766 (local rate) or send an email to: vakantieaanvragen@vegro.nl

Dutch guests

For Dutch guests, temporary aids are often free of charge. Under the Health Insurance Act, everyone in the Netherlands is entitled to temporarily borrow free aids, such as a wheelchair, bed risers, shower chair, high-low bed and mattress.

Guests who do not live in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, foreign guests cannot borrow aids through the Dutch health insurance act. However, it is possible to rent the products. Check out the possibilities here:

View the possibilities

We wish you a nice holiday and comfortable stay.

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Additional service for our wheelchair guests

Guests who use a wheelchair can make use of a wheelchair bicycle electrically powered at the park.