Renting a cottage by the sea

Renting a beachhouse in Walcheren is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Enjoy the suiting sounds of waves crashing on the shore and relax while watching the sunset from the comfort of your own holiday home by the sea. Our bungalow park by the sea offers spacious cottages that can accommodate up to sixty people. Staying at our resort by the sea is one of the most popular options for group accommodation in Zeeland.

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Group accommodation by the sea

A cottage by the sea is a perfect destination for your family holiday. Our resort is only 2,5 kilometers away from Dishoek beach. Whether you’re looking for a large holiday home by the sea for a family reunion, friend group holiday, or company retreat, our beachhouse park in Zeeland is the perfect starting point for exploring the unspoiled beaches of the province.

Would you like to learn about the local culture and admire the impressive architecture, but also visit the beach? Our beachhouse is near Vlissingen, which offers a bit of both worlds: beautiful beaches and plenty of restaurants, stores, and activities. The boulevard of Vlissingen is one of the most visited places in Zeeland. From our group accommodation, Vlissingen is only ten minutes by car. Other popular beaches in the area of our large holiday home near Vlissingen are Dishoek and Domburg.

Large holiday home in Zeeland

Are you visiting us with a large group? Renting a holiday bungalow by the sea is the perfect way to spend the vacation together. Take your guest directly from our large holiday home to Veere. Many popular tourist destinations can be reached from our beachhouse near Veere. For example, lake Veere is the perfect place to explore by boat. You can also book a private boat tour around the lake. Our group accommodation near Veere is approximately 15 kilometres from lake Veere.

Around your family cottage by the sea, you’ll find plenty of facilities to make your holiday unforgettable. For the kids, we offer lots of activities, such as playgrounds with sandboxes, (wheelchair-friendly) swings, slides, foosball tables, ping pong tables, trampolines, etc. Furthermore, we offer on-site self service laundry facilities, bike rental, loading stations for electric cars, and more.

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Activities around our beachhouse near Walcheren

Your large cottage is nearby Zoutelande, a popular beach destination in Zeeland. If you are looking to spend time on the beach, the beachhouse near Zoutelande is the perfect place. Zoutelande is only 6 kilometres away from our large holiday home in Zeeland and can be reached by car or bicycle. Our group accommodation near Zoutelande offers bike rental, including regular bikes and bikes for wheelchair users.

Did you know that your large holiday home is in Walcheren? In Walcheren, you’ll find the best activities of Zeeland. For example, our large group accommodation in Walcheren is close to cities such as Middelburg and Vlissingen. These destinations are perfect for shopping and sightseeing.

If you would like to learn about the history of the island and its role during WWII, you might want to plan a family trip from your group accommodation to Westkapelle. Our large holiday home is close to Westkapelle, which was bombed during the war. In Westkapelle you’ll find the famous Polderhuis, which has been repurposed as a war museum. Inside the museum, you’ll find items that were found after the bombing.