Large group holiday home

Broedershoek offers group accommodation in Koudekerke for all group sizes. Whether you want to enjoy nature with your partner in a 2 person cottage, or stay in a 6 person cottage and take a trip from your family cottage to Goes, we have the perfect family bungalow near Dishoek beach and several other cities for you. You’ll find plenty of things to do as your group accommodation is near Goes, Vlissingen, and Middelburg. We offer accommodation for larger groups in our 6 or 8 person cottage and a wheelchair accessible 4 or 10 person cottage. Enjoy the perfect holiday home near Dishoek beach with the whole family, friend group, sports club, or care group.

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Wheelchair friendly family bungalow in Koudekerke

Our 4 person cottage and ten person cottage can facilitate people with special needs. These amended cottages are spacious and designed to facilitate wheelchair mobility. It is possible to rent healthcare aids together with your stay in our beachhouse near Middelburg. We offer hospital beds, patient lifts, and many more aids for your large holiday home near Middelburg. Would you like to visit Middelburg? Rent one of our wheelchair bikes and enjoy nature on your way to the city. Our group accommodation is close to Middelburg and functions at the perfect starting point to explore the province.

Our large holiday home at Dishoek is suitable for holidays with healthcare. We welcome care groups to stay in our amended group accommodation near Domburg. Domburg is the best place to spend a relaxing day, while breathing in the fresh air of the North sea. Our holiday home is near Domburg beach, the best wheelchair accessible beach in the area. Take your clients by van or wheelchair bike directly from their large holiday home to Domburg’s wheelchair-friendly beach. It’s only twelve kilometres away.

Facilities at the beachhouse in Koudekerke

Our resort offers a wide range of facilities in and around your large holiday home in Koudekerke. Our resort features multiple playgrounds with sandboxes, slides, (wheelchair) swings, trampolines, ping pong tables, and more. Your large cottage near Goes is fully equipped with cookware, a microwave and dishwasher. The amended cottages also feature a wheelchair friendly bathroom with toilet brackets and shower seats. We offer bike rental and supply both regular and wheelchair bikes. In this way, anyone can enjoy their stay at our holiday home near Middelburg.

Zeeland is conveniently small and many interesting places can be reached by bike. Riding a bike from your family bungalow to Middelburg will only take you 20 minutes. The nearest beach is Dishoek. Ride your bike directly from your beachhouse onto Dishoek’s beach in under ten minutes. You’ll be back at your large holiday home from Dishoek in no time because of the short distance.

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Activities around your holiday home in Koudekerke

Our group accommodation is nearby Dishoek, one of the best beaches in Zeeland. The beach is in the west and is the perfect place to enjoy an astounding sunset. Another famous beach near our family bungalow park is Domburg. Domburg was the second seaside resort to be established in the Netherlands and offers many facilities, such as a beach club and thick-tire wheelchairs to conquer the sand. It’s possible to rent a beachhouse at Domburg, to spend the day at.

If you’d like to see some remarkable architecture, while learning about the local beer culture, visit Goes. Driving from your holiday home to Goes will take you half an hour. Taking a trip from your beachhouse to Goes is the perfect way to mix up your holiday. Goes has many beautiful churches, local food, and small family-owned breweries where you can sip on some local beers.

Rather stay at the resort? Spend time with your group at one of our group houses. Each house has its own fully equipped kitchen and toilet group, including a wheelchair accessible toilet. The group houses can function as breakfast rooms, conference rooms, or simply as a meeting point or a place to spend time together.