Cottage rental for care groups

Enjoying a holiday should be possible for everyone including those with a disability or those who need special care. Broedershoek allows care groups to organise a holiday with healthcare in Koudekerke for their clients. We offer everything that is needed to satisfy all care needs in our resort for care groups. Our specialised bungalow park for care groups provides adjusted cottages that have been thoughtfully designed to allow patients and caregivers to enjoy a well-deserved holiday. Enjoy one of the many activities available in the surrounding area during your holiday with healthcare nearby Middelburg: the capital of the province Zeeland, or spend your holiday with healthcare on Dishoek’s famous beach.

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Why choose our bungalow rental in Zeeland?

Zeeland is in the South-West of the Netherlands and consists of several islands connected to each other by bridges. The province enjoys over 490 kilometres of coastline dotted with picturesque villages and unspoiled beaches and is popular for healthcare bungalow rental. Due to its location in the west and the fact that its weather is better than the rest of the country, Zeeland enjoys the highest number of sun-hours in the Netherlands.

Renting a beachhouse for care groups at Broedershoek, will allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunsets right from the comfort of your own adjusted cottage. In Zeeland, you are never far away from water. The islands offer plenty of places to enjoy the suiting sounds of the waves crashing on the shore. Relax, enjoy yourself, and take a well-deserved break as you stay in our modified cottage for care groups.

Healthcare group accommodation

Your healthcare cottage can be adjusted to your personal care needs. We work together with Vergo, a supplier of healthcare necessities to make bungalow rental for care groups possible. You can request a wide range of healthcare aids, such as height-adjustable beds, wheelchairs, patient lifts, and more. If you are Dutch, the costs of renting healthcare aids are included in your holiday with healthcare price, because your insurance will cover the costs.

For foreigners, it is possible to rent healthcare aids at a cost together with your bungalow rental in Koudekerke. Our cottages are adjusted to provide the best possible experience. You don’t need to worry about not being able to get into bed with our height-adjustable beds. Getting around the cottage with your wheelchair is easy as they have lowered thresholds and extra wide doorways.

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Activities nearby our healthcare bungalow park

Our healthcare resort is only five kilometres away from the cities of Middelburg and Vlissingen. The beach of Dishoek is 2,5 kilometres from our healthcare resort. Enjoy your holiday with healthcare in Goes by visiting the harbour or trying a local beer at one of the many small breweries. Goes is only 30 kilometres away from our healthcare cottage park.

Another popular place to visit is Veere. This city was once one of the richest in the country, before the closure of the dam. In Veerle, you can enjoy the calm waters of the lake during a boat trip at Veerse Meer (Lake Veerse). Would you like to spend your holiday with healthcare in Domburg? This village is only a sixteen-minute drive away and offers the second-oldest seaside resort in the Netherlands.

We also offer guests the opportunity to use our electrical wheelchair bikes. These bikes have been specially designed to transport wheelchairs and their users at higher speeds and without the burden of having to drive the wheelchair manually. Relax, sit back and enjoy the biking ride through tranquil orchards and past the impressive dykes of Zeeland.