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Historical Middelburg.

Middelburg is the capital of our province, with its rich history and the beautiful architecture, the town of Middelburg should not be missed!

Middelburg is an impressive town with a huge array of historical buildings.  The town is steeped in history which is still very visible today. Middelburg is host to a variety of events each year, has a thriving shopping area and many cafes and restaurants to ensure its visitors are entertained throughout their stay.  It is also a very popular destination for the local people of Zeeland, who love to sit at one of the many terraces and watch the world go by.

Middelburg got its name due to its location.  In the 9th Century the Vikings invaded The Netherlands, and in the area now known as Walcheren, they built several settlements which they protected by building circular walls made of earth, to keep out unwanted guests.  Middelburg was the settlement in the middle, and therefore got its name.  Over the years Middelburg developed into an important trading town and in 1217 was declared a city in its own right.

During a period in Dutch history known as the VOC, Middelburg was the second most important city in Holland after Amsterdam.  Over a period of 200 years, 300 ships were built in the shipyard here.  These ships sailed to Asia to trade in Spices / textiles and porcelain. In the centre of Middleburg, there are still many buildings relating back to this golden period in Middelburg’s history.

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Historisch Middelburg

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