Will your pet be joining you on holiday!?

         At this holiday park we ask you to keep your dog on a leash at all times.

·         At this holiday park, the dog may not be walked.

·         Do not leave your dog alone in the bungalow for longer than strictly necessary. Use a dog crate if you find it safer for your dog and the interior.

·         Your dog is only allowed in and on the terrace of bungalows 9 to 20.

·         You must walk your dog outside this holiday park. On the Koksweg there are uncut grass strips to walk your dog. For a nice big walk you can walk the round Koksweg – Broedershoekweg – Galgeweg.

·         The interior of the bungalows have been designed with care and are maintainedto a good standard. Please ensure that your pet is in your own basket or crate and not on, for example, the sofa and / or the duvets?

·         On the beaches of Dishoek you must keep your dog on a leash between 1 May and 15 September (10.00-19.00). Outside this period/times, your dog is allowed to run free.

·         When you check in your bungalow, check for damage – this way we avoid any confusion in case of any damage on departure.